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Besthome Co., Ltd. is a real estate company established 28 years ago in Hokkaido. With its headquarters in Sapporo we handle properties throughout Hokkaido. Be it for residential, commercial, or investment, our expertise range from property sales, designing and construction, to their management. To meet the ever increasing demand from abroad we have a licensed English speaking staff to answer the needs.
Visitors from abroad are increasingly discovering the beauty and potential of Hokkaido. Hokkaido is the largest prefecture in Japan with vast scenic landscape and four distinct seasons. It is the major provider of land and marine ingredient feeding the country yet holds a city of 1.9 million - The City of Sapporo - where we are based. The flight between Tokyo and Sapporo continues to be one of the most active domestic route in the world.

Many foreigners are becoming repeaters. Some come for the powder snow in Niseko while some come to escape the heat to our comfortable summer. Having your own place to stay is becoming a smart option for some. Real estate market in Hokkaido is affordable but tends to be local friendly and could be difficult to work with. Let alone when the system and language is foreign. Our goal is to provide you with comprehensive and fair information to allow you a satisfying experience.



Hokkaido has a history of wealthy Japanese investing in its real estate, not only for its premium environment, but for its affordability and high investment efficiency.
In recent years, Hokkaido has caught the attention of foreign investors and major foreign hotels are entering the market.
The number of foreign visitor is fast growing and Hokkaido is situating itself to enhance the infrastructure to accommodate more people.
On another front, there is an influx of population to Sapporo from within Japan. Some are moving for its convenience due to the aging population in rural Hokkaido, and some are moving in from outside Hokkaido for better environment.
Should our New Chitose Airport become the hub to connect North America and Asia these trends could accelerate.
It was the potential of real estate market in Hokkaido that brought me to Sapporo 28 years ago, from Osaka.
If you are frequent visitor or like Hokkaido, you might seriously want to consider purchasing a room, even a small one, for yourself.
Be it custom designed house or cozy apartment for your occasional stays, we can help. Want to reform used apartment or house for investment? Worried when you are away? No problem. We have the know how and would love to share our expertise and network with you.
We believe in people business and good relationship is very important to us.
We look forward to learning your interest and to assist fulfilling them.

President & Chief Executive Officer


We handle all types of real estate. Here is a snapshot of what we offer.

House and Apartment

Real estate brokerage in Sapporo and throughout Hokkaido. Let us know your criteria and we will find the one best for you.

Customization and Reform

Planning, designing, construction and reform. Residential or for business we will work with you for the ideal design.

Real Estate Investment

Investment through used and new real estates. Reforming used or building anew we will help explore the possibilities.

Property Management

Management of residential, commercial, and investment properties.Office building or private apartment we will take good care for you.



We welcome your input. Please feel free to contact us with your interest.

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